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Do you provide 3D printing services?  

Do you provide 3D printing services?

Hello PRUSA team, I am a new user to 3D printing. I hope to get your professional advice and help here. Recently, I have been studying the field of handcrafting, which has great potential. There are many customized customers and the demand is also great. I usually encounter a problem. Purely handmade, large quantities are too busy. If you combine 3D scanning and printing equipment, By scanning your own works with a 3D scanner and 3D printing them, you can break through the labor ceiling, demand will come, and everything will be fine.

If I use a 3D scanner to model my own model and give you the data, can I provide 3D printing services? Of course, my demand is relatively large. If it can be realized, that would be great.

Or can you recommend me a simple-to-operate 3D printer that even a novice can get started with? It doesn’t need to be particularly expensive in the early stage. The size of my figure is about 30mm-150mm. 

I will be very much looking forward to your suggestions

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RE: Do you provide 3D printing services?

I don't understand?

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RE: Do you provide 3D printing services?

Find nearby printers via:


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