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Can't edit print on  

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Can't edit print on

Yesterday evening (2021/01/25, between 20:00-21:00) I wanted to edit my print and add an image to it. It took a very long time to upload and at some point I noticed the site was down/unreachable. So I closed the browser and tried again today. Now when I edit my print it shows "processing files, please wait" at the top and I can't add another image or re-publish it again. It seems to be stuck in the processing mode forever.

Does anyone had a similar experience or knows a solution to it? Thanks 🙂

Edit: Added printscreen below

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Posted : 26/01/2021 7:40 pm
RE: Can't edit print on

Nifty design.  Now sure how to change the files.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 27/01/2021 2:34 am