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Nozzle dripping  

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Nozzle dripping

Hello. I  assembled my new Prusa mini+ kit a few days ago, and I have had some great time with it. It had accumulated a few hours of excellent printing.

However in the last day or so, the filament started dripping from the nozzle even before printing, and it also happens while printing and it worsens the printing quality, and causes a lot of stringing, which was only minimal before. I haven't changed anything.

I have been using the exact same filament the whole time, it's eSun PLA+.

I would appreciate any help, thanks.


Posted : 13/09/2021 3:41 pm
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RE: Nozzle dripping

Lot of stringing could be caused by "wet" filament. Filament absorb moisture if you live in high humidity area.

(edited to add, hit relay before I could add more. lol)

Filament needs to be dry in order to have a good print. I'm having trouble with it as I speak and I'm working on getting proper items to dry my filaments. 

Posted : 13/09/2021 3:44 pm