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Can stringing be caused by tight bolts?  

Jake Griffiths
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Can stringing be caused by tight bolts?

I bought a printer second-hand recently and it printed fairly well for the first print (hardly any stringing) -

I then gave it a bit of a service by following a few YouTube tutorials which included cleaning out the fans, lubricating axis rods and tightening up the bolts. I didn't tighten them too much because I read here about tight bolts causing a lot of issues (e.g. problems with the extruder extruding filament etc.).

The printer seems to run very well now however I'm having a pretty persistent stringing issue now and I'm wondering if this can be caused by certain bolts being too tight?

The previous owner hardly used the Mini+, it had around 4 hours of print time so presumably it's not an issue with the nozzle - and I print at 215 for the first layer and 210 for the remaining layers.

Posted : 02/08/2023 7:40 am