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Loose X-axis set screw  

Ondřej Ešler
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Loose X-axis set screw

I had interesting problem yesterday. 20 minutes into the print X-axis got stuck. One set screw on X-axis pulley got loose. I needed to disassemble whole X and Z axis subassembly to access the screw. I also notice that some of metal on metal screws are loose too. I don't a much so it seems as a big problem to me. It looks like a vibration make metal-on-metal screws loose.

Do you have any recommendation (experience) how to prevent this issue? Loctite Blue 242 maybe? Or maybe Vibra-Tite VC-3?

Thanks, Ondra

Posted : 22/03/2021 6:58 am
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RE: Loose X-axis set screw

This was  happening to me often and worse over time and it was also causing layer shift and wobbling.

A drop of loctite over the lockscrew fixed it.

Posted : 22/03/2021 3:57 pm