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Bad first layer after a month with no problems  

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Bad first layer after a month with no problems

Hello everyone,

I have my Prusa Mini+ asambled since end of April and had really good results. In the last 1-2 weeks I noticed some problems that are getting worse.
First thing I noticed, was the front most line (y axis) had a gap of around half a mm to the next. When using a Brim this was not a problem as the separation occurred only on the Brim. Since than I tried to print a small functional piece and got some bad results. As I was unsure whether it was my design (did it with Fusion 360) or an issue with the printer/slicer I did some test today. Between the first and second picture I cleaned the steel sheet with water and soap to remove the grease. The last two pictures are from a z Test where I haven't adjusted the z-axis to give some other reference. I have the feeling my Z-axis might be to close to the bed? But I had no problems for the first month with it (didn't changed it since the initial calibration).  Also the gaps in the line only occur in on the Y-axis. Is it a problem with the motor or the belt? Can't feel any resistance when moving it by hand while the printer is shut off.

Any tips or help is appreciated.

PS: The print is off center by quite a bit. Is this normal? Had to scale the print to 90% on x and y because I was hitting the screws that help with aligning the bed.

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Hey - sorry I'm also new so more experienced people might be better suited to help but might be worth checking that all the screws / bolts are tight and that the belts are correctly tensioned. If it was printing fine for a number of weeks, it's possible that it just needs some TLC and simple maintenance. 


I found this quite useful


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