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When installing a silicon sock, does the heat block have to be 100% pristine/new, or can I put one on a block that's seen some action?

I've had my Mini since the end of May, and it's seen a fair bit of use since then, and while it's not in any way flithy (I tend to clean the nozzle every time I print with it), there are a couple of small dots that don't come away with the brush. Will this matter?

Posted : 18/11/2021 1:11 pm
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RE: Socks..

Nope.  Just clean it with a brass brush (being careful of any wires)  if it is gunked up already and then fit the sock.

Posted : 18/11/2021 1:35 pm
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RE: Socks..

Did you got sock designed for Mini's heat block? I ask, because Mini's heat block has a chamfer on back, so part cooling air isn't obstructed. I don't know how much would part cooling suffer, if standard V6 sock is used. I just mention that in case that you will notice difference in print quality.

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Posted : 18/11/2021 1:47 pm
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RE: Socks..

I did, @BogdanH, yes - from levendig Design - and they do, indeed, have the champfer! 🙂


Posted : 18/11/2021 1:57 pm
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From my experience, it's best to clean the block first. If you don't clean leftover material off the block before installing the silicone sock the sock sticks to the block.

Just remove the thermistor and the thermometer by unscrewing the screws on the block.

Make sure you are careful with removing the thermistor and the thermometer as they are both fragile.

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Posted : 19/11/2021 1:43 am
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RE: Socks..

In my case, with a very dirty block, the thermistor and heater could not be removed without damage. I had to replace all three. I highly recommend the sock. It keeps everything clean.



Posted : 20/11/2021 4:55 pm
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RE: Socks..

I will use theses.

Posted : 26/12/2021 1:45 pm
RE: Socks..

I purchased mine here:

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Posted : 26/12/2021 2:01 pm