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Prusa MINI+, E3D Revo Micro and the first layer  

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Prusa MINI+, E3D Revo Micro and the first layer

Hi Prusas.

I now have installed an E3D Revo Micro onto my Prusa MINI+ because I would like to use the easy nozzle swap (and I find it really easy and great).

After dialing in my Live-Z for a 0.4mm nozzle everything worked great. No problems at all and I got great prints out of the machine.

But then I switched the nozzle to the 0.6mm one, sliced a 3DBenchy using the default 0,2mm Quality profile for the MINI+ 0,6mm nozzle printer (all stock). But my first layer got so much squished down that I couldn't read the bottom text anymore and also got an elephants foot.

Then I switched to the 0,25mm nozzle and got the exact opposite result: visible filament strands and not a good first layer.

My question is now: could it be the different extrusion width settings for the first layer in the default profiles? For the 0.4mm nozzle the extrusion with of the first layer is 0.42mm (105%), for the 0.6mm nozzle it is 0.65mm (108.34%) and for the 0.25mm nozzle it is 0.3mm (120%). I wonder as one of the features of the Revo is to change nozzles without the need to recalibrate first layers.  And I also measured all nozzles and they are pretty close in terms of length.

Is there anything else I can do except to create a specific platter profile with own Live-Z values for each nozzle diameter?

Or is there anything else I am too dumb to see?


Posted : 13/12/2022 1:17 pm
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RE: Prusa MINI+, E3D Revo Micro and the first layer

I don't have a Revo, I use Dragon hotends. But claims that no Live Z recalibration was needed for the Revo always surprised me as it seems almost impossible with the way the nozzles are mounted not to have minor variations in the distance between nozzle and sheet after nozzle swaps. So what you're seeing is what I would expect, but then again, I don't have a Revo (actually, I have one but never bothered to install it).

Posted : 13/12/2022 3:04 pm