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Pros Cons Octoprint on Windows  

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Pros Cons Octoprint on Windows

I am a WIN user, and Android phone user.

Three printers, Mk3, Mk3S, and Mini coming.

What are the pros and cons of running Octoprint in Windows10?

I have Octoprint running now on Rpi3 with one printer and things are fairly ok.

Why would I not move Octoprint over to Windows, and ditch the Rpi3?

Thank you.

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Posted : 07/01/2020 2:16 pm
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RE: Pros Cons Octoprint on Windows

You can run on Windows, but there are few things where RPi is better: size - can place it anywhere even bolt it to printer frame; power consumption; easier to setup and update than under Windows; easier to use accessories like webcam; has GPIO pins where if you want to add advanced stuff like sensors or switch relays, it's not doable on Windows.

If you really want to run it on Windows, make sure that no other program gobbles up all resources while printing, for computer to feed through USB without a hitch. Turn off all power-saving features and carefully manage updates - you do not want Windows to decide that 6 hours into the print is the right time to reboot for an update. 

Posted : 07/01/2020 5:12 pm