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Printing my own Prusa Mini  

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Printing my own Prusa Mini

I'm very interested in the idea of self-replication and am looking to print my very own Prusa mini(Maybe even mini +). Prusa releases all print files, is there a kit I can buy for all the nonprintable components? 

I Plan on printing the released printed components in some Prusament PETG I have. Would I have to purchase each individual component or would I be able to get a pack that I can't seem to find? If I have to purchase each component is there a possibility of a parts shopping list existing out there?

Posted : 21/02/2022 6:18 am
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RE: Printing my own Prusa Mini


Posted : 25/03/2022 4:18 am
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RE: Printing my own Prusa Mini

You might want to check this out here:

Posted : 25/03/2022 11:08 am
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RE: Printing my own Prusa Mini

Actually on Aliexpress you find complete Prusa Mini about 215€ (and mk3s about 320€) clones. I have build some myself. Actually with some parts not so optimal:

  • - often they use lined heatbreak. You should buy bondtech heatbreak for the mini (and e3d or bimetalic for mk3s)
  • - linear bearings are not best quality. Buy IKO or Mitsumi seperatly
  • - Super Pinda is only available at Prusa shop. Clones use Minda/Pinda2

They work great, like the original.

One advantage if you print parts yourself: Time is not money, like it would be in a print farm. So you can print slow with high quality. Also a bit better material can be worth it. I mostly use ExtrudR Greentec pro now. Look more professional.

Posted : 21/04/2022 2:19 am
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RE: Printing my own Prusa Mini

I have that kit, like you mentioned. Some parts need to be changed, but overal it is ok printer. Big 

I changed belts for Gates GT2 ones, used trianglelab nozzle and heatblock. Added some insulation under bed heater. Rest of it is stock. 

Posted : 12/11/2022 12:25 pm