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Hotend Oozing  

Mary D
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Hotend Oozing

I am having issues with my filament oozing out of the hotend from both the top and around the nozzle. I printed a Benchy and the print seemed to come out at a nice quality despite the oozing...Benchy for referenceOozing

Posted : 18/01/2021 2:18 pm
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RE: Hotend Oozing

I can't see your pictures but that is the exact problem I am trying to find an answer for today. It was oozing quite a bit more before I switched out to the 2nd one that came with my order, but it's still creeping up the threads and out the top. My friend just suggested ensuring that the nozzle is unthreaded a bit, then the heatbreak screwed in as far as possible, then the nozzle screwed in to make sure they properly meet. Or maybe the reverse of that. Just that they need to meet or it might ooze out. I'm going to try several times to mess with it, but not sure if that will work or if there's a better way.

Posted : 20/01/2021 8:27 pm
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RE: Hotend Oozing

hotend assembly is something that soon or later every 3d printer owner has to master.

This is a critical task responsible for many issues. Without a proper hotend assembly the compression within the nozzle chamber is altered like in a car motor running with a broken head gasket. It may work (badly) for a while then it stops.

I personally unload filament, untight the nozzle at 280c, let it cool down, disassemble it, clean it, put the nozzle in place leaving 1mm gap to the heatblock, put the heatbreak unless it reach the nozzle then gently tight the nozzle. then heat up to 280c again and tight a little bit more the nozzle which has not to reach the heatblock. Be careful on ptfe position and status, in doubt replace it.



Posted : 21/01/2021 2:56 pm
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