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Help with Bootloader and Firmware Compile / Install  

Help with Bootloader and Firmware Compile / Install

Hi! I recently purchased the Creality SonicPad and was hoping to use that to get Klipper running on my Mini Plus. Following the vague "instructions" on the pad I "prepared the board for installation of 3rd party software" by breaking the board appendix and shorting the two pins present on my board. The mini seems to have erased it's bootloader and is now in DFU mode - which doesn't appear to work with the Creality pad.

So - I thought I'd set about installing the original firmware back onto the mini, at least as an intermediate step in figuring out where things went wrong. When I download the firmware files and try and compile them with Python3, I get errors that seem to be consistent whether I'm running the script on a remote Ubuntu droplet (digital ocean), or locally on OS X or on Windows.

The error I am getting is consistently:

arm-none-eabi-gcc: error: unrecognized command-line option '--target=armv7m-none-eabi'

and I can't seem to find anyone else posting about having that problem or any notes from google of people having problems. However - like I said I'm getting the error on multiple platforms. Anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong?

Also, from what I've read on the forums these firmware builds will not replace the bootloader. Is there a way to replace it once the board has entered DFU mode to make things easier in the future?

Thank you!

Posted : 19/05/2023 11:05 am
Maxime B
RE: Help with Bootloader and Firmware Compile / Install

Hi ! 
Same problem here, do you figured out a solution to fix it ?

Thanks !

Posted : 13/07/2023 4:53 pm
RE: Help with Bootloader and Firmware Compile / Install


I have the same Problem...

Buy Sonic Pad, break out the little part from the platine, Printer goes to dfu mode, Start Firmware flashing over Sonic Pad...

Sonic Pad returns Error message: Printer not ready klippy host software have no connection.

does anyone have a idea?


Posted : 22/10/2023 2:42 pm