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RaspberryPi Zero W Webcam for MK4 Possible  

RaspberryPi Zero W Webcam for MK4 Possible


i set up Prusa Connect and use an old iPhone as Webcam currently.
However i would much rather attach an RaspberryPi Zero W+Cam directly to the printer than having an old iPhone running for this job.

Is this possible yet?

The only guides I can find are for MK3 Printers that did not have their own Network connectivity. 

Any lead is appreciated - thanks!

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Posted : 12/09/2023 12:36 pm
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RE: RaspberryPi Zero W Webcam for MK4 Possible


this should work for you:




Posted : 18/09/2023 3:37 pm
Max A
RE: RaspberryPi Zero W Webcam for MK4 Possible

Nope. That link doesn't help at all. The only conclusion one can get from that link (at best) is to read several pages of text and assume that the lack of mention of the Mk. 4 for 2 out of 3 provided solutions would mean that it isn't possible.

After ordering new cables for my pi zero and printing out a case, the answer turns out to be 'no'.

There is a project on github currently that attempts to provide this exact solution but it currently doesn't compile as a function appears to be trying to include itself. I opened an issue on the project.

Why do people always post links without providing any answer? This lazy habit pisses me off. This is probably going to be indexed by google and be like 3 / 10 of the top search results even 5-10 years later when someone searches for Mk. 4 raspberry pi camera. 

Do you know how often I come across this habit when troubleshooting an IT problem? People just don't bother writing out explanations or actually helping and instead just provide the same usefulness as a bot.

Posted : 07/12/2023 9:49 pm