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Thread Issue  

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Thread Issue

Thread issue

Hello guys,

I am trying to calibrate my printer and i have a big issue

As you can see from photos i am trying to print this object but i have thread issue.

I have tried everything, Flow again, steps, increase-decrease perimeters, decrease extrusion, fan was starting from 60% and increase it by 10.


My printer is sapphire plus with klipper and i am using prusaSlicer

please, any idea how to solve this issue?

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Posted : 05/07/2022 7:39 pm
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Speed correction

The only thing you have mist is to try to limit your print speed. That gives the filament more time to stick on the previous layer.
Maybe that solves the problem.

Posted : 09/07/2022 5:38 pm
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RE: Thread Issue

I usually just print holes for threaded parts with the minor diameter for the hole size (or major diameter for male threads) and thread them with a tap or a die.

Posted : 10/07/2022 7:46 pm