Rant: I can't understand the MMU Color Settings
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Rant: I can't understand the MMU Color Settings  

Rant: I can't understand the MMU Color Settings

TLDR:  I propose that the Nozzle settings (size/flow) be embedded with the "Print Settings" drop down instead of scattering these settings through the "Printer Settings".  Print Height selections are intrinsically linked to nozzle size, the current implementation causes multiple headaches for those of us with one printer but who change nozzles every so often.

The rest of the story:
I'm definitely too simple-minded to understand most things.  Often I have to use both brain cells just to open both of my eyes at the same time --- that said, I cannot for the life of me understand why the PrusaSlicer filament color settings work the way they do - and by extension, the way we are forced to setup for nozzle changes.

Why though!?

I have MK3S+ with MMU2S.  I often change nozzle sizes.  The problem MAY be that all of the nozzle settings are scattered throughout the Printer settings?  IE:  When you want to change nozzle size, you actually have to select a separate printer preset -- there is no way to 'simply' change the installed nozzle and its associated settings.   When you select that separate printer, all of the colors saved in that particular printer preset come with it --- even though you only wanted to change nozzle size.  Which I totally agree with, IF I were really selecting a separate printer!  You say, just click Transfer every time - Which I do, but you cannot save over a system preset.  Create your own modified preset then?  Oh, but then you get orphaned when configuration updates happen.  The filament types and colors should be able to be saved on System Presets.

Its very likely I'm just doing it wrong, and I apologize.  Please, think of the children...

Posted : 19/05/2022 9:35 pm