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PrusaSlicer 2.4.2-rc2 is out  

Same Old Shane
PrusaSlicer 2.4.2-rc2 is out

Hello all;

Just in time for the weekend, and for some a long holiday weekend we are please to announce our latest update for Prusa Slicer. Please see the summary below. 


This is second release candidate of a patch release fixing several bugs found in 2.4.1 release. See the previous release logs for the complete list of bugfixes and improvements in the 2.4 series.

Bugs fixed

  • When opening files through macOS finder on latest macOS, the model was not displayed in the scene until further action (e.g. slicing) #8170
  • Fixed a crash when Unsaved Changes dialog attempted to show a modified config option which is not available in current mode (e.g. Start G-Code in Simple mode). #7905
  • Fixed a bug that when the user was closing the application and replied 'Yes' in the dialog asking about unsaved project while also checking 'Remember my choice', it made it impossible to close PrusaSlicer in the next runs when there were no objects in the plater #8076#8122
  • Loading of a G-Code in G-Code Viewer or loading config from G-Code file sometimes failed because of a bug in parsing of the configuration block at the end.
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of some characters used in the recently updated Simplified Chinese translation #8171
  • Fixed incorrect number of toolchanges reported in "Sliced Info" box when wipe tower was used. The annotations of toolchanges in G-Code were also numbered wrong #8186
  • Fixed a crash when using the "Import SL1 Archive" function and either cancelling the dialog or confirming a non-existing file #8175


  • Recycling symbols in Shape Gallery were mirrored so the user does not have to flip them when using them as negative volumes at the base of the print (which is the usual use case). Also, PLA recycling symbol was added #7800

Please report any bug or issue here

Shane (AKA FromPrusa)

Posted : 14/04/2022 2:06 pm