Prusa Slicer - Cancelling Print - Gcode
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Prusa Slicer - Cancelling Print - Gcode  

Prusa Slicer - Cancelling Print - Gcode

Dear Community,

is there a possibility to set a custom gcode when cancelling a printjob like in octoprint? When i go to printer settings - custom gcodes the only similar thing to me would be "end gcode". But when i press stop on my artillery X2 sidewinder to cancel a print before it finished it does not execute my end gcode.


Thanks in advance!

Posted : 18/02/2024 8:47 am
Illustrious Member
RE: Prusa Slicer - Cancelling Print - Gcode

Not really no.  What your printer does is determined by its firmware.  Gcode is just a list of instructions, when you cancel you are telling the firmware to do whatever it is programmed to do when that function on the menu is selected.

With Octo when you cancel it does whatever it has been set up to do when you cancel.  The gcode file you are printing has zero to do with it.

Posted : 18/02/2024 6:57 pm