Print brim innermost perimeters first?
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Print brim innermost perimeters first?  

Franco Palombo
Print brim innermost perimeters first?

I was wondering if it is possible to print the innermost perimeter of the brim first instead of the default behaviour which is printing from the outermost perimeter first.

I ask this because I have an Artillery genius pro with the stock BLTouch, which is a bit crappy, and doesn't produce consistent measurements between prints. This has various, well known effects, that sadly I cant find a way to fix, unless I change the BLtouch to a good one.

For the time, I need a solution, and for the model I want to print (which has a very thin contact surface area with the printing surface), I need to print the innermost perimeters of the brim first, to avoid excess material (product of a "way too close" nozzle) overlapping with the actual perimeters of the model.

An option would be to set the corresponding brim separation gap, but I think this will force me to set that separation gap, each time I print a different model, since the excess material is never consistent across corners.

Posted : 23/03/2024 2:58 pm