PETG dimesnional accuracy modifier
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PETG dimesnional accuracy modifier  

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PETG dimesnional accuracy modifier

Hello all,

I have been printing for a bit over a year now, but haven't touched g-code, and I had an idea that I'd like to try out.

I think that printing external perimeters first, with high fan, and then printing the first one or two internal perimeters slower, and with no fan, would solve the issue of overhang curling and gooey surfaces.

My thought is that a setting could be added to increase fan by x% on external perimeters only (selecting this would enable the external perimeters first setting as well).

If anyone knows how to do this, or has recommendations, I'd love to hear from you.

Posted : 21/04/2020 6:15 pm
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RE: PETG dimesnional accuracy modifier

The problem is that with overhangs you can’t print the external perimeter first as there’s now a lot to support it, well depending on what you class as a overhang. You could probably get away with it up to about 30-45 degrees but I regularly print 60+ degree overhangs. It’s the cooling action of the fan that causes the curling up as that makes it contract. Doing what you suggest would make it much worse, ie more cooling with not a lot of surface contact. 
that’s why PETG settings have reduced fan. If you are getting excessive curling then reduce the fan speed further and try reducing the print temp by a few degrees as well. 

Posted : 21/04/2020 6:43 pm