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BUG? Unable to import file  

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BUG? Unable to import file

Hey Guys,

I am attempting to import the following file into PRUSA Slicer, stating 'Loading of a model file failed':

I am able to import the file just fine into other slicers.

Posted : 21/04/2020 3:58 pm
RE: BUG? Unable to import file

the file is damaged... it needs repairing before you can use it!


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Posted : 21/04/2020 6:29 pm
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RE: BUG? Unable to import file

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Make sure that your objects are in a collection. I was trying to export .stl for Prusaslicer and it gave me the same error. Took awhile to figure out what was going wrong, but once I placed my object inside the collection everything was good—.stl imported no problem.

Posted : 21/06/2021 1:54 pm