Organic support settings effects
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Organic support settings effects  

Organic support settings effects

I am wondering what do the settings for branch density and branch distance do. I have set them to extremes 100% to 5% and 1 to 100 and I cannot precede any difference in my model. I am currently working on a test model to get the settings right.

Dose anyone know what settings become NA in support section with organic Enabled?

As an example it seems that enabling interface loops no longer has an noticeable effect.

I am currently using 2.6.0Beta4


If any are a bug let me know and I will report on the gethub page.


Thank you for your thoughts and help.

Posted : 06/06/2023 6:03 am
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RE: Organic support settings effects

Branch density and distance relate to the tips of the branches.  You should see a difference on a larger surface that needs support,  A large overhang or a roof.  On smaller surfaces, there may not be a noticeable difference.   I  ran at default then 30% on a model I have with a roof, it made a difference, and a lot longer to generate the supports.    However, I am testing this on Beta 4 on a large  model with a "roof" or sorts.  It never ends generating the supports.  It worked on an alpha release.  Time to bug it in.

Posted : 07/06/2023 8:38 pm