No critical angle settings for sla printers?
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No critical angle settings for sla printers?  

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No critical angle settings for sla printers?

Hi there,


I would like to have more control over what is supported and what not when generating automatic supports for SLA prints:

I am trying to print a round part, but only a narrow sections is supported. While this does print, the area next to the support deforms a little bit, so I would like to support it as well... (see the red lines on the picture). Right now I have to add these manually but I was wondering if there is no setting for the critical angle for what should be supported and what not. This setting is usually available for FDM printers...

While there is some "critical angle" value under the support tab (in print settings) this does not seem to have anything to do with the angles of the model, but something with the angle of the little interconnections between the support pillars...

So is the parameter I want somewhere hidden or simply not available for SLA prints? Seems like something you would want to have control over? If not available, will this ever be added?


Posted : 19/08/2021 7:19 pm