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New Slicer misses details  

Denis M
New Slicer misses details

I am trying to print a small gear with the new Slicer. I cannot figure out what I am missing that generated this bad result (see below the middle gear teeth).

I printed this part with a previous Slicer version, and it worked fine, but now something has changed, and I don't know what exactly.

Any help is really appreciated.

Printer: Prusa MK3s+

Fill: 90%


Posted : 17/05/2024 12:38 pm
Estimable Member
RE: New Slicer misses details

Some Ideas to try, Check the parameters in Print Settings, Advanced, Slicing. 

Make sure your "slice resolution" is 0, the default so .stl it isn't simplified.

Disable Arc Fitting. 

Set Gcode resolution to .001, the minimum. 

If no change, you may want to submit it as a bug.  

Posted : 18/05/2024 5:33 pm