Multimaterial painting with layers
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Multimaterial painting with layers  

Kodo Kil
Multimaterial painting with layers

Hi !

As you know there are often multicolor objects designed to be printed without a mmu where you just change the color after a specific layer.

How do you print something like this on a multicolor printer ? I know you can right click on the layer and "add color change", but that wont generate a waste tower and initiate tool change (or should it ? It does not for me)

You can use multimaterial painting to paint it, but it is a lot of work to paint a whole lettering for example.

Is there any way to use multimaterial painting to paint everything over some layer ?

Or how do you handle this ?

Posted : 15/05/2024 9:32 am
Famed Member
RE: Multimaterial painting with layers

I don't know about printers with an MMU but if you have an XL, just right click on the color change position in the preview, and you'll get an option to switch code to Change extruder.

Posted : 15/05/2024 11:05 am