improving & reducing travel moves
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improving & reducing travel moves  

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improving & reducing travel moves

i'm printing a handful of long thin parts.

the travel moves are extremely inefficient as all printing of the layer on one part is finished before the next one is started, and not even in a smart way.

like...50% of what i hear is travel moves when it could be as little as 3% with how close they are.

it races back and forth to print the smallest bits on the ends: it finishes the outer per on the long part on one side, then prints the inner per on the other side, then races back to do the inner per on the first side, then races back to pring the clip on the other end again, and back again for the other clip.

ofc it also start the next part on the far side, because why travel only 15mm when it can go on a full 150mm run.


idea: when the current printing operation is done (outer per, inner per, infill area, whatever) it searches for the next nearest thing to do on this layer in order to minimize unnecessary travel moves (noise, wear, printing time).

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Posted : 12/11/2023 10:38 am
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This is a user to user forum.  Any bug reports or feature requests need to be made at the Prusa Slicer github.  That is located here

Please however do a search of both open and CLOSED issues before opening new ones.  For example there are several regarding/relating to your point
For example or or or or lets go even further back to one posted in 2020 - hopefully you get the idea.  There are many more too.   Go add your support to one (or even all) of the existing open issues.

This is a long standing issue that has not been resolved in many years.  Too busy giving us flashy new features I guess.

Posted : 12/11/2023 11:23 am
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RE: improving & reducing travel moves

what is this i cant understand is this about foot travel or this is string of xylophone 

Posted : 16/12/2023 10:53 am