I can't fix the problem with stringing
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I can't fix the problem with stringing  

Nicolae Dumitru
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I can't fix the problem with stringing


Recently i have a lot of problems with stringing.

I have my printer for few months now (Creality Ender 5 Pro) and i've been using Cura Slicer and i didn't have any problem but recently i had a lot of stringing and i thinked to change the Slicer to PrusaSlicer but the stringing was even worst.

How can i fix this please?


Thank you,

Posted : 30/06/2022 9:55 am
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Please note you do provide not much info so helping you won't be easy.


but you can start here: https://help.prusa3d.com/article/stringing-and-oozing_1805

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Posted : 30/06/2022 10:20 am
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RE: I can't fix the problem with stringing

Hey @misan, anyway to update https://forum.prusa3d.com/forum/english-forum-general-discussion-announcements-and-releases/we-want-to-help-you-you-have-to-tell-us/ so point out that 3mf files need to compressed into a .zip file before the forum software accepts it?

At least until hopefully one of the web developers can just add 3mf to the list of allowed file type…   😇


@OP: Have you tried to dry the filament?

Posted : 30/06/2022 11:40 am
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RE: I can't fix the problem with stringing

Hi @fuschr: .3mf files are a zipfile themselves so a simpler way is to rename them as .zip (as I did with the sample .3mf file I am enclosing here).

lateral - copia

Having said that, I have passed your request for that info to be included in the document linked above.

Posted : 30/06/2022 3:29 pm