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Filament Preset  

Chris vargas
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Filament Preset

Hello!! so I need help with the filament presets in PrusaSlicer. I have been using a generic PLA (and using the generic PLA preset) but I've decided to use Hatchbox instead for my Ender 3. What I'm having trouble with is figuring out is how to either add the Hatchbox preset or make one to use and add it to the list of user and system presets. Like, I have it selected in the startup where you select you select the printers and the filaments, but its still not showing up in the list of filaments to use.

Posted : 04/01/2021 11:47 am
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RE: Filament Preset

Its highly likely that the hatchbox preset is only available to the prusa printers vendor space.  As such even if you install it to your system it will only show up in the list when you have a prusa printer selected in the printer profile.

That's because filament profiles usually have settings for Linear Advance tuned for the appropriate prusa printer.  So as far as prusa is concerned they only work on their printers.

You have a couple of options.  You can also in stall a prusa printer.  This will let you see the filament profile in the list.  You can then select it, save it as a copy.  and most importantly use the Detach from system preset button in the filament profile to detach it from the prusa vendor space.  Then save it again.  You can then remove the prusa LA lines and make any other changes you want.

The other option is just create your own profile based on the generic one as a staring point.  Then save it with your own name.  Be careful NOT to use a name the same as any of the defaults though.  As while it will let you save with a duplicate name it often wont show you it again afterwards as it only recognises the system profile.

Posted : 04/01/2021 12:20 pm
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RE: Filament Preset

I've extracted the Prusa filament profiles as of Dec 1 2020, renamed the profiles, and removed the Prusa dependencies. You can edit down this file as desired. Be sure to keep the profile and any dependencies together in one file. Save the edited file and import it as a Config Bundle and you should be all set.

Note that your printer manufacturers should really be doing this work, not Prusa or us. They are the ones reaping the benefit from the work.of others. Neither I nor Prusa provide any assurances that these profiles will work with your printer well or at all. You may still have to do some tuning.

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Posted : 04/01/2021 2:18 pm