Exporting filament profile to another printer profile?
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Exporting filament profile to another printer profile?  

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Exporting filament profile to another printer profile?

I just finished assembling my MK4 and its printing right now so I'm thrilled :p


However when I set it up in prusaslicer, which I was already using with my Mk3s+, I noticed that when I select the MK4 profile, all my custom filament profiles disappear, so I'm figuring out that they somehow are linked to my printer profile...

Is there a way to export all my custom filament profiles so that they're easily available when I select the Mk4? Or will I need to create all those filament profiles one by one from scratch under my Mk4 profile?

Bit bummed out as I have lots of different filament profiles 🙁



Posted : 15/08/2023 3:50 am
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There are several threads on how to do this in this section already.  Basically you have to check and modify 2 potential areas.  Print Settings>Dependencies Compatible Printers and Conditions is the first area. Either modify the conditions or delete the whole thing to make the profile show up for any printer.

The second is the Detach from System Preset button in the same section.

Filament profiles have the same 2 mechanisms too.

The forum search sucks which is why you use a google search with a site: filter.  For example "site: forum.prusa3d.com/ profile compatibility"  

which would have turned up this one https://forum.prusa3d.com/forum/prusaslicer/how-to-make-filament-profiles-available-with-custom-printer/   


Posted : 15/08/2023 7:01 am