Elephant's Foot Compensation - SLA / Resin Printers
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Elephant's Foot Compensation - SLA / Resin Printers  

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Elephant's Foot Compensation - SLA / Resin Printers

I'm modelling a small but complex part that I need to be relatively accurate dimensionally and have a good surface finish.

To reduce the number of supports on visible faces, I can sit the model with a flat face directly on the bed. 

The face has a number of small holes in it but over exposing the first layers leads to the holes closing over when using the standard slicer settings 0.2mm.

I have modelled a test piece with different edge offsets to see if I can find the correct setting but am finding that the chamfers are overlapping and risk the part not attaching to the bed. The picture attached shows what I mean.

Has anyone already done this and can share settings?

I've had issues with the part not adhering to the bed so the initial exposure is up to 90s !!

(I'm using an Elegoo Mars Pro but I suspect the settings will be very similar)

Thanks for the help!









Posted : 23/09/2020 4:08 pm
RE: Elephant's Foot Compensation - SLA / Resin Printers

Your concept sounds right.  Have you posted the question to the Elegoo Facebook group?  

Chuck H
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Posted : 29/09/2020 2:04 pm
Jason’s MMU
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RE: Elephant's Foot Compensation - SLA / Resin Printers

Thanks Charles,

I'm afraid I don't like FB, I don't like handing over too much of my data.

There's a few other forums out there that I'll try. I've been running shorter exposure times too but still losing the small diameter holes.

Thanks for your response, if I get some success I'll post back here my settings.


Posted : 30/09/2020 4:42 pm
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RE: Elephant's Foot Compensation - SLA / Resin Printers


I would really like to have accurate flat printed sides for gluing, and its not really easy to chamfer complex parts to compensate that overexposure of first layers.

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