Delete colour change not working
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Delete colour change not working  

Jason H
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Delete colour change not working

I tried printing a sign yesterday. I kept clicking the X on the slider and the colour change appeared to go away. Then I would move it up a layer or two. Start the giant print and it would continue the colour change in the original place. Then I’d just resume the print and the second change would be there. Sliced four different times. It stuck in there. 

Opening it in a text editor, there were both of them. Weird. Frustrating to waste a bunch of filament on three prints that had colour where I didn’t want. 

So I clear the plater and add different STLs for a regular print. The slider shows NO colour change. Overnight print. I wake up and it’s been paused at 1.6mm for about 6 hours. I just about boiled over  

Is this a bug in the slicer  (alpha 5) or am I not understanding how to clear a colour change? I would assume that clicking the X and it disappearing would be enough. But currently, I have to quit the slicer and select different profiles to clear the colour change. That doesn’t seem right. 

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Posted : 28/04/2023 3:29 pm
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RE: Delete colour change not working

Clicking the delete icon should delete it. You can always upload the 3mf project file here so we can take a look. You'll need to zip compress it or the forum software will reject it. 

Posted : 28/04/2023 8:25 pm