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Custom Bed Shape  

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Custom Bed Shape

I want to have a custom bed shape for my Ender 3 as, after some mods, I need to keep the extruder out of one corner to avoid a collision.

In Prusa Slicer I can see Printer Settings -> General -> Bed Shape -> Set -> Shape -> Custom -> Load shape from STL however I'm not sure exactly what should be in the STL I tried a square with the corner cutout. The square has to have some depth (else PrusaSlicer complains when loading the STL file) so I made it 0.1mm high. That just causes PrusaSlicer to segfault in Slic3r::GUI::Bed3D::set_shape.

Is this the right way to exclude part of the build plate? If so what should the content of the STL be?

Posted : 05/03/2023 2:40 pm