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curling up on overhang  

chevy chevy
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curling up on overhang

hi, is there any good tips for help with print curling upwards on overhangs?

tried slowing down, fan is on full, tried to rotate print, tried to use support at less angle, but no, it always curls up at the overhang, and ruins the print, 

somethimes its gets knocked ff the plate, because the up curl hits the nozzle, and somethimes it surviwes but looks awful.

seems it gets a "little" better when changing z seam to random, but then i get blobs all over 😉

is it,? or at least it should be, an option in slicer to NOT start z seam at overhang, because it looks like my slicer always start and stop z seam there.

had to rotate every object with overhang to front, and set z seam to rear, for it not to.

standard, it seems like it always starts and stop extruding in my owerhangs, and that makes it curl even more.

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Posted : 06/02/2023 9:41 pm