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Cloud/Git Profiles?  

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Cloud/Git Profiles?

Just a wild idea, but given that I have actually 4 if not even 5 computers I sometimes slice with, it would be amazing to have some form of synchronizing all the profiles across all devices and auto updating, rather than having to manually sync from A to B, A to C, C to A, D to B, B to A... (you get the idea) and all the possible combos that happen as you slowly evolve your config profiles....

Pretty much like a git (version control) for slicer profiles 🫣😅 ---

This naturally happens as sometimes I'm at my desk and I do some tweaks, but then down i  the garage got another that if I need something I fire that up, or if I'm on the move I use a laptop, etc. So if I add new config tweaks for printer params, custom gcode or material configs is waaay too easy to lose track of all the changes and propagate them evenly across all devices so then experience is consistent.

I know it could be as simple as slice from one "terminal", but hey... life is busy and if we need to do things on the run, we run. Otherwise everyone would be composing emails from their desktop computer and not phones 🙄🤷🏻‍♂️.

anyone with ideas on how to implement? - I'd be happy to try and chip in where I can.


Thinking on the go, I know that the config file can be exported, and a single source of truth would need to be defined ("prd" version in "main branch") ---

Then, the same as we can link onto network printers, could there be an added functionality of connecting to your github (with a private key and all the jazz) and storing your config file there and pulling/pushing changes from/into there? -- and naturally every time something deviates from the main you'd have the option to actually make it a new dev branch (or not) until you're ready to commit and push your new config to prd.

Then the slicer would automatically pull the latest config directly from your github upon starting the software (or an instance). So if you have your keys with you, you could have your exact same config in any slicer you want, regardless of the computer you're using

Ideas.... 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

Posted : 30/05/2024 1:06 pm
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RE: Cloud/Git Profiles?

You can already do this with file syncing software.  There are a few existing posts floating around about it.  Not as convenient of having it built in but dropbox etc can do it.

For example
etc there are more

There is also (at least 1) existing github request for this already too

Posted : 30/05/2024 2:53 pm
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RE: Cloud/Git Profiles?

Easy to do with cloud storage. See my recipe in


Posted : 30/05/2024 3:24 pm
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Syncthing if you do not want to rely on the cloud and host your own sharing system

See my GitHub and for some 3d stuff that you may like.

Posted : 30/05/2024 5:41 pm
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