better first layer for supports using snug
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better first layer for supports using snug  

victor marcano
better first layer for supports using snug

is there a way to get better  first layers for snug/tree support on the build plate? like a brim or something? I tried adding a brim but it doesn't seem to apply to supports. the first layers for supports are removed too easily from the build plate. i tried changing the z but it doesn't always work even with the same prints in the same position

Posted : 19/11/2023 9:14 pm
Illustrious Member
RE: better first layer for supports using snug

Basic information of your setup would be useful when  posting help queries.  Like what your printer is or what version of Prusa Slicer are you using ?  Problems quite often can be caused by seemingly unrelated things.

To answer your specific query though.  The base of supports is controlled by a setting in Print Settings>Support Material>Support Material>First Layer Expansion.  Its a red/Expert setting so make sure you are in expert mode to see it.  By default its set to 3mm. 
I usually reduce it to zero as I don't have an adhesion issue with my build plate but if you are having trouble then increase the setting.  Its basically brim for supports.

It sounds like you don't have a dialled in live Z value (assuming you are using a prusa printer), or your bed adhesion is off for some other reason, so I would look at making sure that is rock solid before trying other methods that really shouldn't be needed on a printer with a pei bed sheet.

Posted : 20/11/2023 2:32 pm