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autobedleveling Gcode  

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autobedleveling Gcode

ive been runnig cura fore some time and i got told to test Prusaslicer and got really good result so i wanted to continue with it but i cant figure out how to or what to change the gcode to get my autobedlevel features like loading mesh values and all. runnig a CR 6 MAX

Posted : 04/12/2022 12:36 am
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RE: autobedleveling Gcode

Have a look in your cura profile for what commands are used in the start gcode and then transfer them to the equivalent ones in a Prusa Slicer start gcode block.

Given there is a built in CR-6 Max profile in the PS wizard you can add the built in one and do a comparison.  Looks like the one in the wizard doesnt have any auto levelling at all.  So whichever user supplied that for inclusion didnt have auto levelling.

Gcode commands are common across slicers but placeholders arent so it should be an easy job to transfer /add the mesh levelling and storing parts.

Posted : 04/12/2022 3:26 pm
Asraff Amzani
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You can carry over the "start/end g-code" from your current cura, just make sure that the other options matches such as "use relative E" and placeholders such as preheating temperature variable names. G-codes are generally universal except G80 (prusa uses this for their mesh bed leveling) and others. While marlin based firmware is G29. However,it is still highly depends on what type of mbl activated for your printer.

Often times, issuing G29 alone is enough to 'load' the bed correction cause it takes the current elevation data. I believe 'unified' type need to be manually loaded with another parameter passed to it, I totally forgot about this already.

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Posted : 04/12/2022 3:50 pm