added bridge area when slicing
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added bridge area when slicing  

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added bridge area when slicing

prusa licer adds bridge area when slicing file for a cylinder before slice the cylinder top is not close after slice it is on some round cylinder items


Posted : 27/07/2020 11:32 pm
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RE: added bridge area when slicing

Not sure I followed that convoluted sentence but it maybe that you had an open ended cylinder that its slicing as filled ?

Issues like that are usually down to broken models, they look ok on the surface but arent when it comes to slicing.  Could you post either the model you used or better yet the 3mf project file that shows the problem.  File>Save As, will save a .3mf project file.  The 3mf file will contain the model and all the settings you are using to slice with which makes debugging issues much much easier.  You will need to zip into an archive any stl or 3mf file as the forum only accepts a limited range of file type.

The usual first step for broken models is to use the built in model fixing process if you are on Windows 10.  Right click the model and select fix through netfabb.  This will fix a lot of stuff.  If you aren't on Windows 10 then you can use the online version of Netfabb to fix the model.  If Netfabb cant fix it then its usually a manual fixing required using your CAD software of choice.

Posted : 28/07/2020 6:21 am