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Add measuring tool to Slicer  

Dr. Fogi
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Add measuring tool to Slicer

It would be great to have the measuring function included in the Slicer

Posted : 01/02/2022 9:35 am
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RE: Add measuring tool to Slicer

The following info should be in a sticky post somewhere but unfortunately its not.

The Prusa forum is mainly user to user.  We try and help out with basic and not so basic questions.  While the developers do sometimes come here, it is not the place to make feature requests. 
Its useful to discuss new features to get them into a suitable shape to make a proper feature request though.  But always check github as with over 1800 open issues and over 5000 closed issues its likely that one already exists.

The place for that is the Prusa Slicer github.  That is located   for PS.  There are other ones for the MK3 firmware and the mini firmware.  Github issues are tracked and have number assigned.  How much traction they get, well thats up to Prusa.

You are not alone in wanting a ruler adding.  See issue   

Personally I wouldn't use it as I use another tool that has fantastic ruler functionality with multiple measuring options.  I can then do basic math to work out if I need to scale a part and then scale it either in slicer or more likely in some proper cad software.  Where I can virtually put the parts together and check fit and clearance.  Scaling in the slicer is a secondary function used for really minor changes.  I think I last used the scale function in PS about a year ago.
Leave the slicer to slice and design changes to design software.

However please go add your support to the github issue if you feel you need one.  Theres a thumbs up function, just add one to the initial request post.

Posted : 01/02/2022 11:54 am
Dr. Fogi
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RE: Add measuring tool to Slicer

Understood, thank you!

Posted : 02/02/2022 7:00 am
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Thanks for the link. I guess it the present forum entry is a good thing since it is found by search engines, the original feature request in github is not.

Posted : 28/06/2022 2:38 am
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RE: Add measuring tool to Slicer



In the mean time while we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, for this basic functionality. You can use parts that you create to check sizes, scale and, rotation. "Rotation" even more so since Slicer doesn't seem to be able to save and store that information at all.


Good Luck



The Filament Whisperer

Posted : 28/06/2022 3:20 am