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Using a Nevermore with the Prusa Enclosure?  

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Using a Nevermore with the Prusa Enclosure?

I would very much like to print some parts in ASA, but right now I don't have any kind of filtration for my Prusa Enclosure and I assume that's a bad idea, given the fumes one must expect with that material.

I stumbled over the Nevermore filter on Github ( and I find that thing really appealing. Now I'm asking myself if one of these would make sense with an MK4 in the original enclosure and if I should rather go for the V4 or the V5 duo.

Does anyone here use a Nevermore in such a setup? What are your experiences?

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Posted : 30/11/2023 9:53 am
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RE: Using a Nevermore with the Prusa Enclosure?

I'm interested in this as well.   Nevermore mentions that the V4 and V5 micros are being superseded by the V6, so I'd focus attention there.  This or a Bento box style of filtration.

Posted : 15/01/2024 11:11 pm