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Failed print with Rectilinear infill  

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Failed print with Rectilinear infill

Tried printing what I think is a pretty simple model (a desk catch all bin and a desk organizer). The first few layers went down well, but when it started doing the rectilinear infill, the PETG blobed at each intersection. It looks like the nozzle dotted filament at each intersection point but it didn't. The infill extruded filament doesn't look like it was coming out evenly. It appears to come out in short blobs and the extruded path gets narrow and wide as it crosses the object doing infill. The perimeters look fine though...

It was a 2-color print, with the color switching when printing a few small rectangular objects on the bed.

I ran a rectilinear infill print a couple days ago on a part, and it worked fine. This one looked bad, so I tried canceling those two objects. However, the 2nd tool head kept being docked for the other smaller parts at the back, so I just cancelled the print job. The paths looked fine when checking it over in PrusaSlicer.

Attached is the 3MF file with the settings and pictures. 2_Container150x100_hex_stack_edit Filaments are in a dryer at 10% RH. 0.25mm layer height, some organic supports, but it hadn't reached those. Any suggestions would be really appreciated so I can try to avoid this in the future.  I'll try running it again with Gyroid in fill, which is typically my go-to choice.


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Posted : 13/12/2023 3:31 am