Tool crash with objects cancelled - mutli tool, multi-part print
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Tool crash with objects cancelled - mutli tool, multi-part print  

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Tool crash with objects cancelled - mutli tool, multi-part print

So I'm happily printing along on the XL, still in testing mode really, exploring it's potential and getting to know this monster.  Wife picks a multipart model so I set it up for a multi-color plate of parts.  A little while into the print I realize the wrong extruder was assigned to a few parts (in reality it was a single grouped part but I split it to add a brim to the two small pieces which assigned them back to the default extruder).  Anyway, no big deal, I'll just "Cancel Object" from the control panel (parts in blue circle; missed one and got the timing wrong which cancelled the two circled in yellow).  Things progress normally for a few hours.

This is the model: Merry Christmas sign

  • Tool 1 = Red
  • Tool 2 = White
  • Tool 3 = Black
  • Tool 4 = Green
  • Tool 5 = Gold (closest color I had for the skin, Santa will have a nice tan)


Of course, this being a new device I'm just getting to know, I can't stop returning to the room to watch.  On one of these visits I'm watching and everything is just perfect. Then, BAM.  Tool 1 finishes and then crashes into tool 3, the leds flash red and a tool crash detected message shows on screen.  Interesting, I think out loud, then proceed to follow the instructions on the panel and reset tool 1 manually.  XY re-homes and it picks and prints all other colors as needed with no issues.  Then tool 1 is picked again.

Tool 1 is primed, makes some moves over the cancelled red objects and then crashes into tool 3, again. It is at this point I realized red, white and green are finished so there is no longer a need to pick these tools.  In fact tools 2 and 4 are never picked again.

This cycle repeated itself over and over so I cancelled the print after four or five times of watching in horror.  I now wish I would have videoed it happening but it was getting late and I was a bit unnerved by the sound of tools crashing.

I've used the Cancel Objects OctoPrint plugin on the MK3 and have seen the "moves" it makes near a cancelled object but there were never any issues.  Of course this implementation is a bit more complex.  Not sure if it has something to do with tool 1 being the default extruder or just simply a bug in the code.  Maybe both?  Definitely at least a bug, pretty sure this is not by design 😐

It basically forgets it has picked tool 1 and goes to get tool 3 it seems.

I plan to submit a firmware bug report in Github once I figure out how to best summarize it.

Has anyone had any similar issues when using the Cancel Object and/or is anyone willing to try to reproduce?

Printing the remaining parts this morning and all is well.  No issues and no cancelled objects this time!

Posted : 11/12/2023 6:06 pm
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Did you ever get this resolved.  I am running into crashes.  Some are recoverable and some not so much.  Are you using Prisa Slicer?  If so which version?  Input Shaping?


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Posted : 30/01/2024 3:24 am
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RE: Tool crash with objects cancelled - mutli tool, multi-part print

Hi @rah1,

I have not had a crash since the one outlined above (except for one that was my fault).  However, I have not used 'Cancel Object' since then either, which I strongly believe was the root cause of those tool crashes.  I did submit a bug report on the Prusa-Firmware-Buddy github page but it hasn't seen any action yet.

  • The model was sliced with Prusa Slicer using IS profiles but I'm not sure which version, probably 2.7.0 at that time
  • 5.1.0 FW which was the latest at that time.
Posted : 30/01/2024 4:06 pm