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Prusa Connect Question  

Moto Skwid
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Prusa Connect Question

Hey all,  Im on a 5T XL and getting familiar with using Prusa Connect.  Trying to set up a remote job and start the printer from my day job but I did not write down or what filament is loaded in each tool head.  Is there anywhere in Prusa Connect that shows what filament is loaded in each tool I dont see it, seems like a must-have setting. How would you even know what filament is what unless you wrote it down which defeats the convenience of a remote connection?  😤 

Posted : 17/05/2024 10:59 pm
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Don't do it.  This is nothing to do with connect except that it makes it possible, but don't do it.

There is a strong correlation between people attempting to print remotely and basic printing problems - because remote printing *causes* problems.

You have to load the printer with the desired filaments by hand, this is the time to start your print.

If you wait, leaving the printer loaded before you begin, the filament has time to absorb water and deteriorate.  If the filament is not absolutely dry when the print starts you will get steam induced oozing at the nozzle.  This causes bed levelling problems as the mini-blob hits the build plate first.  It causes the micro-zits where the levelling probes that so many people complain of, you cannot clear those zits while the bed heats because you are miles away and finally it causes stringing.

If you had started the print as soon as you loaded properly dried filament none of these problems would occur (unless a very long print in humid conditions when atmospheric water might be absorbed faster than the printer can use the filament and so begin stringing.)

So: unless your printer is in a climate controlled workspace, don't do it.

Oh, and it also allows you to forget where you loaded what but that doesn't matter because you need to unload, dry and reload before you begin.

Don't do it.


Posted : 18/05/2024 1:23 am
JP Guitars
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RE: Prusa Connect Question

In addition to what Diem says, I think you are also getting confused with the work flow. Connect is a job management software, it has no need to understand what filament is loaded where The slicer needs to know because that is building the gcode for the job, which is then handed over to connect to tell the printer to run it. As far as Connect is concerned, it has a gcode file which it needs to run, it does not need to know what it in that file, it is not its problem.

As an analogy, imagine a warehouse, it loads a pallet of goods for a customer. A lorry takes the pallet to the customer, the lorry driver neither knows nor cares what is on the pallet. The customer unloads and uses the content when received.  Warehouse=slicer, Lorry=Connect, customer=printer.

Posted : 18/05/2024 8:17 am