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Filament dryer/storage for Prusa XL  

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Filament dryer/storage for Prusa XL

I really liked the youtube video here from CNC kitchen offering an alternative low power option to keep humidity levels low and slowly dry out filament using a electrolysis solution from I'm attempting to run a Sunlu S4 with my XL toolchanger at the moment but it means the footprint of the printer is much more to deal with all the filament routing. What are other people doing to keep their filament dry while using the PrusaXL?

Posted : 03/03/2024 7:58 pm
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RE: Filament dryer/storage for Prusa XL

I use a PrintDry Pro3 dryer, which I love. I never had a need to print more than 2 filaments directly from the dryer, which the PrintDry allows. It can be expanded with two extra chambers to print up to 6 filaments but I have no hands-on experience with it. The dryer sits on a shelf above the XL

Posted : 04/03/2024 12:30 am
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I bought an electronics cabinet and converted it into a filament Drybox. The rolls sit on bearings and feed out the back into the XL.  I bypassed the side sensors and feed directly into the print head.

The only downfall is that I have to disconnect the PTFE tube from the print head when it runs out of filament to pull the little piece or ejects, but I was used to that already from the MK3 enclosure. 

I used this one.  I was able to fit 6 rolls on the shelf and store 3 lying flat below the shelf.  It works a little different but it's able to keep it at 15% RH.  It says it only goes down to 30, but according to 2 different humidity gauges I leave in it it sits as 15%.


Posted : 04/03/2024 6:07 am
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Most 2 kg spools on 3djake have a diameter of 30 cm and that is too large for most solutions I could find. As the XL is of a size where such large spools make a lot of sense, i think also my Dry box for 30 cm spools could be useful too. I did design it for my V2.4 350mm but it is printable on the XL too, as it is even a bit larger in print volume. I use two Slice Engineering Alumina containers for keeping the inside dry but it can be also setup to work with Silicagel.

I did not know about those dehumidifier storage devices though, they seem to be a really good idea too, but the downside is that they need continious power supply. I like to turn off my stuff when I don't print. 

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Posted : 04/03/2024 9:18 am
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RE: Filament dryer/storage for Prusa XL

I'm trying to relocate the filament sensors to a common location to the feed from my S4.  I started the discussion below.  Hope you get a solution.

Move the Filament Sensors?


Posted : 05/03/2024 6:40 pm
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Been researching how to do this neatly for a couple days and finally ran across a good parts list:CLIK-mate cable extensions x2 -

CLIK-mate female connectors x4 -



Use the existing filament sensor cables, but route them to come out the cut-out in the back where the wire bundles are for extruders 1 and 2.  

Solder the female CLIK-mate connectors back-to-back to create a coupler.  They nest very well and the soldering was easy.  I filled the gap between the connectors with hot glue and then put heatshrink over them.  A coupler may already exist, but I did not find one.If you choose to not couple to the existing cables, you will have to re-pin the extension cables.  They do not work as-is.

Connect the coupler and the new extension cable.


I can not take credit at all, I found all of this on printables -


I kept the info I shared the same, but I ordered my parts from DigiKey.  Hope this helps others!

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Posted : 04/04/2024 9:15 am