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Ran First_Layer_Test , now what?  

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Ran First_Layer_Test , now what?

I assembled my two head XL over the weekend and ran a couple of test prints.

Unlike the MK3+ I got a while back, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of instructions for first level verification and/or adjustment.

I found the instructions for the Manual_calibration_grid - so I printed that and adjusted (tool 2 needed a -0.05 adjustment to Y).  I also printed the First_Layer_Test - but I can't seem to find any instructions on analysis and/or adjustment.  The print looks pretty good, so maybe it's just a confirmation print?  IDK.

Did I miss a section on set-up / adjustment?


Posted : 04/03/2024 7:06 pm
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RE: Ran First_Layer_Test , now what?

The XL has a Nextruder which automatically does first layer adjustments, so as long as things are printing fine you should be good to go.

Posted : 04/03/2024 8:03 pm
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RE: Ran First_Layer_Test , now what?

The XL and Mk4 both have "NexTruder" which very lightly touches the bed and measures that pressure with a sensor inside the print head (its SUPER accurate), and uses that to calculate the first layer, the Mk4 does have a layer adjustment but its required, we have an Mk3s, Mk4 and XL (dual tool)

Many Thanks

Posted : 09/03/2024 8:46 am