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Community modding for enXLosure design  

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Community modding for enXLosure design


Hey all,

I recently made a fully printable enclosure design for the prusa XL. I also took the time to prototype and iterate everything and also made a building manual! Last, I have communicated with an aliexpress store to offer full kits of all hardware and acrylic to make it accessible worldwide!!

I have a goal of making this the most all-in-one solution, with as many community mods as possible. If you have any ideas and/or CAD skills please feel free to mod or post your ideas here! I hope this then inspires everybody to make this design universal and with the features everybody could want.

For now I have as an idea;
- Camera support (already made an ESP32 cam mount)
- Air filtration system
- Chamber heater
- Door locks
- Tool bins
- Fire suppression systems
- Spool storage

Posted : 19/11/2023 11:50 am
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