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SL1S Up grade Tilt Error 25um  

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SL1S Up grade Tilt Error 25um

After up grading to the SL1S, I'm getting a tilt bed error that says the tilt bed is stuck, but it doesn't happen in 100um detail.  Sometimes it happens with 50um but forges on when addressed.  But it happens every time with 25um detail and results in a print fail.  I have 2 printers that I have up graded to the Speed version.  So far just one of the printers is having this problem.  I've checked the proximity of the LED projector housing to the tilt arm, and it's about 5mm away.  The tilt arm swings freely when moved.  I've calibrated and recalibrated the tilt bed to exactly level, a little below and a little above, all with the same results.   Any recommendations?

Posted : 14/09/2021 8:34 pm