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Prusa SL2S using DLP  

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Prusa SL2S using DLP

Since Anycubic recently kickstarted their first DLP equipped 3D printer Photon Ultra for a budget price the next logical step for Prusa should  also be some DLP enabled printer.
With Prusa build quality, SL1S speed peeling and DLP's short exposure time it would be the fastest printer in the world (affordable?).
I can imagine full-hd or maybe 2k DLP chip with the same build size as SL1S.

Posted : 02/09/2021 9:44 am
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RE: Prusa SL2S using DLP

If I had a say, I think they should be looking large format machines rather than smaller. Many people complain about the cost of the SL1S now, and it would double, if not more, if they went DLP. Forget a large format DLP, just due to cost even if it were half that of what the established brands provide it would be out of the range of many businesses let alone the typical Prusa clientele.

The market and target markets already have an established solid group of companies such as Asiga and B9 that can fill the DLP niches. But it depends on the direct Prusa wants to push, the Prusa Medical 1 is marketed towards Dental but it is identical to the SL1S except the white case. There are a ton of MSLA Dental 3D Printers that are half the build quality but double the price compared to a Prusa (Ackuretta, Uniz, Nexa3D, etc). There is certainly room and opportunity for growth and development in the medical and jewellery sectors, but that would be a really hard fork in the direction people perceive Prusa to be going. People want an SL-Mini or something affordable, or an SL-XL to compete with the Jupiter, Mega and Phenom imo.

Posted : 16/02/2022 12:52 am
Todd @ Figure Forge
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MSLA prints are way nicer than and kind of affordable DLP presently.

Posted : 26/04/2022 4:31 pm
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RE: Prusa SL2S using DLP

I just want the price to drop.

The price difference between the SL1S and other printers is crazy. I really want to support Prusa as I believe in the ethics of the company, but the cost for an SL1S is making that hard to stomach.

Half the price, and I would buy the whole set. 🙁

Posted : 14/05/2022 8:02 pm