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Looking for non-brittle resin?  

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Looking for non-brittle resin?

I liked ELEGOO ABS-like and Anycubic ECO but both are out of stock everywhere.


Siraya Blu was too flexible.

I have been mixing Prusa resin with Flex100 but it's not ideal.

Posted : 21/06/2020 1:29 am
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RE: Looking for non-brittle resin?

I like PrimaValue Tough. It has a shore hardness of 76-80D, so it is a bit more flex than Anycubic ECO (84D).

The Shore hardness of Siraya Blu is specified as 85D. So it should be harder than the ECO. Are you sure you did cure it fully?

Also, it looks like the ECO is still available on the Anycubic web store as well as on

There is also PrimaValue Standart, but 87D is too brittle for me.

Posted : 21/06/2020 7:29 am