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Had mine for 1 week, 2 changes I would like to see  

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Had mine for 1 week, 2 changes I would like to see

So far these are the only problems I have had that should be easy to fix.

1)It would be helpful for resin drip off of the print platform if the top of the print platform had a slope to it. I am currently printing one of the files to hold the platform at an angle for draining some, but the main reason I need to drain at an angle is that the top is not angled for drainage which leaves resin on top of the platform after the print has finished, no matter how long you wait for it to drain.

2) I have had a few failed prints. The failure was due to the print platform not being adjusted correctly. This problem might not ever happen again since I have now figured this out, but  when I pause the printer it should give me the option to raise the platform to see if the print is sticking to the print platform or not. Currently it takes about an hour before a print is large enough to be able to see if it is printing or not.

Posted : 22/10/2019 6:19 pm
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RE: Had mine for 1 week, 2 changes I would like to see

I know that raising the platform to check on it does give the potential for not being at the correct z-height when you resume ( I have that happen when I check on my Mars). So I believe the reason that there is no raising during a pause is to help avoid that.

Posted : 23/10/2019 2:15 am
RE: Had mine for 1 week, 2 changes I would like to see

The early firmwares did have an option to raise the build plate to check for adhesion, but that was found to be problematic, and was removed from the later firmwares, whether it will come back or not is beyond my pay grade...  

the back of the build plate is a collection zone for uncured resin. due to it's shape, the problem is,

that we like to see, (as early as possible) that we have a viable model printing on the build plate!

the VAT is aluminium so we like it to be as low as possible, to give us earliest sight of the models progressing...  however...

the VAT needs to contain sufficient resin to complete the model, which limit's it's minimum height...    

If we had sloping surfaces on the back of the build plate, they would take up more volume inside the VAT... which would reduce the space available for resin,    to compensate we could make the vat deeper... but that would have a negative impact on viewing progress early. 
the vat could be wider or longer but this would require a redesign of the machine interior, and perhaps exterior... |

so at the moment, we have, what we have...    

an in-between option would be rounding off the top corners of the build plate so that there is a softer edge to the back (top) of the build plate (Currently the corner is close to 90 degrees!) this may allow the resin to flow off the top, back into the vat...   but at the moment, the sharp angle causes a break in the  flow path, and resin surface tension seems to stop the resin flowing over the sharp edge. however this option has not been put into the production buildplates...  

Hopefully Prusa are looking at clever alternatives... 

regards Joan

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Posted : 23/10/2019 2:45 am
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RE: Had mine for 1 week, 2 changes I would like to see

Indeed one idea I had was to have a reserve of resin in a different area (to allow a lower vat wall) and then use something like a para-systolic pump to slowly add resin to the build area in between layer shifts. That would cause other issues though with cleaning/storage of resin/changing resin.

Posted : 23/10/2019 3:00 am