1.8.0-beta.0 Firmware for Original Prusa SL1, SL1S SPEED and Medical One
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1.8.0-beta.0 Firmware for Original Prusa SL1, SL1S SPEED and Medical One  

Jan Kratochvíl
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1.8.0-beta.0 Firmware for Original Prusa SL1, SL1S SPEED and Medical One


  • Support for Prusa Connect
  • Custom print profiles
  • Updated PrusaLink Web
  • Exposure time limits
  • Reworked handling of USB flash drives
  • API key support dropped
  • Other improvements
  • (M1 Customization for ModernDental)
  • Bug fixes
  • Known issues

Support for Prusa Connect

Starting this release 1.8.0 all the Original Prusa SLA printers can be controlled, monitored, and managed using cloud service - Prusa Connect.


There are three main ways how to register your machine into Prusa Connect:

  • Touchscreen GUI on the printer
    • Navigate into Settings -> Network -> Prusa Connect.
    • Click on the “Add printer to Prusa Connect” button.
    • Scan the QR code with your smartphone and proceed with the login to the Prusa Connect.
  • Prusa Connect
    • Find the Activation Code in the printer UI (Settings -> Network -> Prusa Connect)
    • Login to Prusa Connect with a web browser.
    • Click on “Add printer” and select your printer type from “SLA printers”.
    • Enter your Code and optionally name your printer and location.
  • PrusaLink
    • Go to the “Settings” page.
    • Click on the “Link” button. You will be automatically redirected to the Prusa Connect in a new tab.

Custom print profiles

With this firmware release, we are unlocking all parameters within print profiles for advanced users. This approach is a substitution for previously used print profiles (fast/slower/high viscosity)

The original intention for SL1S was to deliver closed, fine-tuned printing profiles to ensure a stable and easy user experience. However, with the growth of our material portfolio to include more specialized resins, we received requests from expert and R&D users to unlock these print profiles. As a result, we have now enabled users to modify each parameter separately rather than changing the entire set of settings. These parameters can also be edited in PrusaSlicer, starting from version 2.7.5.

All supported materials in PrusaSlicer have profiles fine-tuned by us. This feature is mainly intended for expert users.

Users can set or tune the parameters in PrusaSlicer (Expert mode) or in the printer before or during the print.

The printer does not need to measure the time for the separation process in the calibration wizard anymore. Calculation of these times is used instead. This may lead to better time estimation with errors in the maximum +- 3 % range.

Updated PrusaLink Web

PrusaLink web interface was updated to the latest version so you will get the same experience as on our other Original Prusa printers.
The main changes are:

  • Settings page with the option to register the machine into Prusa Connect.
  • Replaced REST API from legacy Octoprint like to Prusa “v1” API

Exposure time limits

With the latest resin development, we have found that some of them, especially the high-reactive ones, can be printed with even shorter exposure times than the existing limits allow. Therefore, we have lowered the bottom limits for the “Exposure time” and “Initial exposure” time to 0.1s.

Reworked handling of USB flash drives

Previously, USB thumb drives were connected to the system in read-only mode. To enable users to download files from Prusa Connect directly to the USB, drives are now mounted to the system in read-write mode, similar to how computers handle removable storage.

We have introduced a USB icon in the top bar. This icon indicates whether the drive is recognized by the printer or if the printer is currently writing to the drive.

We strongly recommend safely removing the drive before physically ejecting it. To do this, click on the USB icon and confirm the removal of the drive.

API key support dropped

Authentication from PrusaLink Web or PrusaSlicer is now possible only with HTTP Digest. API key authentication has been discontinued due to its lack of network security.

Other improvements

  • Updated Linux kernel to version 5.16.11.
  • Improved and optimized layer image preloader.
  • SYSTEM SERVICE CRASHED error page in case some application exits during runtime.
  • Area fill of the current layer is displayed while printing on the page with layer preview.
  • Filemanager improvements
    • The cache is directly driven by fs events for non-removable storages
    • Removable storages are not watched (autounmout) and handled directly

Bug fixes

  • Fixed QR code change after the error page was shown.
  • Project reprint is forbidden when USB was unplugged before the project is copied into the internal memory.
  • Fixed Booster board error after bootup.
  • Fixed fan preprint check.
  • Fixed unstable rear fan RPMs.
  • Fixed missing M1 pictures in the wizards.
  • Tank cleaning wizard can be started only on a calibrated printer.
  • Factory reset:
    • Fixed reset of the OTA update channel.
    • Fixed network reset.
  • Fixed NTP cannot be enabled after the FW update.
  • Fixed emergency update. The printer now shuts down after an emergency reset.
  • Fixed problems with the DHCP setting on the ethernet.
  • Fixed manual setting of DNS for ethernet connection.
  • Fixed overflowing text by swinging
  • Fixed ethernet shows items only when a cable is connected.
  • Fixed the back button on the RESIN LOW error page.
  • Fixed unsafe path parsing in qtsvg(CVE-2021-45930)

Known issues

  • The project downloaded from Prusa Connect to the USB drive is not shown in the Connect. The file is physically present and displayed correctly on the touchscreen GUI.
  • Ejecting the USB before a project gets copied into the internal memory may lead to FW freeze. Rebooting the printer will resolve it.
  • Downloading the file with the incompatible type (not .sl1s project) from PrusaLink Web shows an UNEXPECTED ERROR.
  • Translations are not included in this build.

Release notes: https://github.com/prusa3d/Prusa-Firmware-SL1/releases/tag/1.8.0-beta.0

Posted : 06/06/2024 1:12 pm