3.5 Upgrade Firmware - Two issues (one may be a bug?)
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3.5 Upgrade Firmware - Two issues (one may be a bug?)  

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3.5 Upgrade Firmware - Two issues (one may be a bug?)

I've upgraded from my MK3S+ to 3.5 and love the extra speed, easier filament changes and other features. I have two questions regarding the firmware and what's available or showing on the LCD display:

  1. I'm on the East Coast in the US, in the EST timezone. With the US change to go to DST (Daylight Savings) earlier than we used to and switch back later than in the past (not recent, this change was years ago), I notice that even though I've set my locale and information in the firmware (on the LCD panel), that once we went to DST, the time displayed on my LCD panel is still on EST, one hour early, instead of on EDT. Is this because the system does not take into account the change in the US of a different Standard/Daylight transition date, or will it stay on EST for the full year?
  2. I use OctoPrint (Well, technically, OctoPi, on a Pi Zero 2W) to control my printer. In the past, with the older LCD display, it would show the time left on the print on the LCD. (I'm assuming it was set by OctoPrint and somehow it kept updating the printer with that information.) I don't see that anymore. I have the Tune/Pause/Stop controls on the LCD, but the "Time remaining" is no longer there.

Neither of these are critical, but it would be nice to have the correct time and to get the print info, so I don't have to pull out my phone and pull up OctoPod or go to a computer to check the time remaining.

Are there workarounds for these two situations? And is the time change not showing actually a bug I should report?

Posted : 12/04/2024 5:28 pm